Mrs Janine King


My name is Janine King. I have been teaching for 26 years and for the majority of my teaching career I have been fortunate enough to be positioned at Bungaree. I am excited to be in the Kindergarten again this year.
I strive to provide a welcoming, educationally rich environment where students feel valued and comfortable and are encouraged positively to participate in all learning opportunities. I endeavour to provide educational activities that are fun, hands-on and engaging and at the same time differentiated to cater for all the needs of the children. I plan learning opportunities for our Kindy students that are both structured and unstructured and explicit in their direction. I use Whole Body Listening which is explicitly taught and used to help students switch on their brains for learning. Our Literacy and Numeracy sessions begin with a Warm Up that recite, recall and apply previously taught content. I always endeavour to keep the Warm Ups fun and highly engaging.
I have high expectations of respect and manners and guide the children to have such expectations of themselves.