Room 15


Mrs McGrath


I’m Sharyn McGrath and I teach the fantastic year 5/6 students in Room 15. I have been at Bungaree Primary School for 2 years having graduated from Murdoch University in 2013. I am passionate about children’s literature and I love to read and recommend children’s books to my students. In Room 15 we read every day because books open our minds and our worlds to wondrous things!
The most exciting part of my job is watching students overcome a challenge or roadblock in their learning. I feel rewarded when a student develops a more positive attitude about themselves as a learner. I believe there are many ways in which children learn. Children learn by watching, doing, discussing and taking risks. My teaching philosophy (Social Learning Theory) underpins everything I do in the classroom from the way I communicate to students, to providing a safe and connected learning environment which encourages students to take academic risk. My goal is to provide opportunities for students to experience success everyday in their learning. This year many of my students have improved the way in which they view themselves as learners, and as a result, they have developed perseverance and now they anticipate success. That’s what makes my job wonderful!

During the course of our first week back at school, the students in Room 15 participated in many team building activities where we had loads of fun getting to know each other. One activity, called the Friendship Web, showed us how connected we are to each other. When we work together we are stronger and more effective than when we work on our own.

I started off the Friendship Web by holding onto a strand of wool and used one word to describe myself. I then told the group something about myself and threw the ball to the next person. By the time we criss-crossed the room we had created a giant web where everyone was connected by the strands of wool. We heard lots of interesting things about our new friends in Room 15 which helped us to get to know each other better.

Our discussion centred on team work and how members of a team need to work together and not let each other down. To prove a point, one of the students was told to drop the wool and all of the strength disappeared from our web. This activity goes hand in hand with the theme for Room 15 which is the Olympics and our class motto “The Race for Excellence Has No Finish Line…

Room 15 STARS!