From the Principal

Welcome to Term 1 2020

Dear Parents/Carers 

Welcome back to another wonderful year of learning. I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday and enjoyed time together with family and friends. 

The start of the school term has seen some extensive maintenance being conducted at the school. Many of the toilets have been repainted, the old undercover area repainted and the ceiling fixed. Over the next few weeks the basketball court at the back of the school will be resurfaced. This is well over due. This will mean that the area around the back gate of the school will be fenced off while the repairs happen. 

At the end of last year, the school was successful in receiving a grant for some new play equipment. This included some new soft fall area around three new swings. Feedback from the children through surveys and the brilliant kids morning tea has indicated that the children wanted some swings. Now they can play together and enjoy the new equipment. 

The year starts with some new staff members. We welcome Mrs Gillian Mineards and Mr Gavin Poole. Mrs Mineards is teaching in the year two class and Mr Poole teaches music for three days and year six for Thursday and Friday. We farewelled Miss Spence and Mrs Sharyn McGrath. 

Our new student leaders led our first school assembly with confidence and presented the certificates to our first recipients. Many students have also earned faction tokens that lead to the positive behaviour certificates. Bronze is the first award. 

May I remind all students that they need to bring a bike lock to school to ensure that their scooters or bikes remain safe during the day. The school does lock the equipment that doesn’t have any security but it is up to the individual students to make sure that they lock up their bikes. 

Spelling Mastery is a very effective direct instruction program that all students from Pre-primary to Year Six participate in four days a week. It is important that parents pay the front office for the student workbooks as soon as possible. 

The school has a wonderful Parent and Citizen committee that works together with the school to raise funds to provide additional resources for the school. We would like to thank them for their fund raising efforts last year. $1000 was contributed towards the school chaplaincy program and $1800 raised towards new senior outdoor equipment. We look forward to another wonderful term of great learning and working together as a team. 

Bungaree Primary is a Sun Safe school. All staff and students are required to wear a broad brim or bucket hat at all times. The students are being educated on the effects of ultra violet light and the damage that it does to the skin. Well done to all those students that are being sun safe.  


Sharon Albers-Smith