Bungaree Primary School Board

Invitation to Parents, Carers, Students, Staff and Surrounding Community members of Bungaree Primary School to the annual Public Meeting of the School Board.

The School Board is made up of representatives of school parents/carers, members of our local community, and school staff. Along with the school management, we are responsible for deciding on policies and the future direction and focus of our school.

If you are interested in the future direction of the school, and what areas we should focus on for improvement over the next three years, then please come along and have your say. Equally, if you would be interested in joining the School Board, and would like to find out more about what we do, or just have some questions or suggestions, then this would be a good opportunity.

We will also be talking about voluntary contributions, possible alternative locations for our Kindy kids, dress code, as well as a few other policies.

Hope you can join us. Thursday 12th October at 3.00pm in the school library.

Silver Chain

Silver Chain Art Project

Our art project with Silver Chain is coming to an end. The children and the Silver Chain clients have made a wonderful mural on the hall wall of the Respite Centre in Rockingham with the help of Carol Hazel, a local artist. As you can see from these photos, they have made terrific progress and will be completing the mural on Thursday the 11th of August. It has been a wonderful project stating with the children and the men’s group clients drawing beach scenes and sharing memories of fun times at the beach. From there Carol transposed their drawings on to the wall for the children to paint. We will share photos of the finished product with you once we have them. Thanks to Adam, Thi Thi, Tanika, Marko, Marielle, Haylee, Tahlia, Katrina, Nathan, Joel, Gianna, Amber and Sofia for their patience, creative ideas, fun attitude and kindness throughout the project. Also thank you to Mrs Heruela and Ms Deborah Elkes for attending and helping with every visit.I can’t wait to see the finished product.

Lesley BarrettSilver Chain