Proudly serving the educational needs of Rockingham families for over four decades, our school community is diverse, supportive and ever evolving.






Bungaree Primary welcomes you and your child.

We enhance the needs and aspirations of our students, their families and the local community. Bungaree currently provides four classes to the Peel Language Development School and a collaborative and supportive relationship is maintained and developed through our teaching and learning programs.

We have committed, proactive teachers and dedicated support staff working to help each child be as successful as they can be. Our staff have high expectations and adopt a wide variety of innovative teaching practices. We have specialist music and physical education and science programs. Our science teacher was awarded Western Australian Teacher of the Year in 2016.

Our facilities cater for the 266 students from Kindergarten to Year Six. Students are taught in classrooms, all with multimedia facilities. We have two classrooms for visual arts, a purpose built Science room, two basketball courts, cricket pitch, a large oval and challenging climbing frames for both the Junior and Senior students. The school is fully air conditioned providing a pleasant learning environmentWe understand that building positive relationships and partnerships with our community helps our school to thrive. We are committed to ensuring that all stakeholders have the opportunity to positively engage and invest in the future of our students.

Our shared vision is of a school that provides a supportive and challenging learning environment which embodies a culture of respect. Our students develop a love of learning and strive for personal excellence.

Bungaree Primary School has a clear vision and purpose, striving to be recognised as a school focusing on excellence in teaching and learning.

At Bungaree Primary we value: Learning, Excellence, Equality and Care.

We aim to achieve this through:

  • Advancing student learning based on the belief that students have the capacity to learn
  • Demonstrating a positive approach to learning and encourage it in others
  • We have high expectations of all members of our school community.
  • We challenge ourselves and strive to achieve the highest standards.
  • We acknowledge and celebrate the diversity of our school community
  • We dedicate ourselves to achieving the best possible outcomes for all
  • We forge relationships that are based on trust and the acceptance of responsibility.
  • We treat all members of our school community with respect and care.

In keeping with our school motto ‘Excellence Through Effort’ we endeavour to provide the best possible education for each child who attends our school, ensuring they develop a broad range of skills to enable them to develop responsibility for their own direction and to adapt to a changing world.