Community Health Nurse

A Community Health Nurse visits the school throughout the year. The Health Nurse can:

  • Do health assessments for vision, hearing and general development issues.
  • Help school staff and parents develop health care plans for students with special medical needs.
  • Provide information and support students and their families to make informed decisions about their health, well-being and development.
  • Work with teachers to support health education sessions.
  • If required, refer students to another health professional within the school health services.

If you want to access the Community Health Nurse please contact administration.

Please remember that we do not have facilities at school for children who are unwell. They need rest at home.


Upon enrolling your child you are requested to complete a Student Admission Form. On the form you are asked to provide information regarding your child’s medical history.

All allergies and medical conditions must be stated.

If your child is self administering any medication such as an asthma puffer this should be brought to the school’s attention. We discourage medication being stored in student’s bags. If your child needs assistance to administer any medication, be it short term or long term, you need to contact the School Officer who will assist you with the procedure that must be followed.

Medication will not be administered by staff without the appropriate documentation and authorisation.

Head Lice

Head lice are tiny insects which can live in human hair. They are not caused by poor hygiene, and do not carry disease. Head lice are transferred between children when their heads are close together while playing or doing school work. For this reason head lice are quite common in schools.

Head lice can be easily treated and the Health Department’s recommended treatments are conditioner and insecticide treatment.  It is important to check all other members of the household for head lice too, but only treat them if head lice are found.

Under the Schools Education Act (1999), Section 27(2) the School Principal may exclude your child from school until all head lice and as many eggs (nits) as possible have been removed. A few remaining eggs are not a reason for exclusion.

You can ring or make a time to see the Community School Nurse if you would like more information or help.