P & C Association

The objectives of the P&C Association are:

a) Foster community interest in education.

b) Promote closer liaison between the school and the community.

c) Assist in the provision of school amenities.

Meetings are generally held twice a term in the Library. Please check the newsletter for meeting dates. New families are always welcome to establish new friendships and help share the work load.
Membership costs of $1.00 are payable to the P&C Secretary at the Annual General Meeting.

Bungaree P&C would like you to view the following short video Parent Involvement Matters!  This 2 minute video gives ideas for how you can be involved in improving your child’s experience at school.

Nicole Williams – President                                

Jazmyn Gould—Vice President

Tammy Purkiss – Secretary                                

Marie Sykes – Treasurer

Jennifer Anderson – Fundraising Co-Ordinator and Uniform Manager