School hours and attendance

First bell is 8.25am

Learning commences at 8.40am

Recess 10.30am to 10.50am

Lunch 12.40pm to 1.15pm

School ends 2.45pm

Arriving to School

Children should not arrive before 8.15am. Students may go straight to class.

Students and Parent are NOT allowed to wait in the wet areas prior to the 1st bell at 8.25am

The siren will sound at 8.25am for teachers to open their classrooms.

Absences and Late for School

If your child is absent from school sent us an absence message via our SMS 0437 784 921 phone service, Connect or contact the school as early as possible and leave a message for the classroom teacher informing them of your child’s absence, especially in cases of extended absences.

All absences should be explained in writing on your child’s return to school. (This is a legal requirement in the Education Act.)

Absences totalling 10 days or more, whether consecutive or accumulative will be followed up formally by the Associate Principal. This also includes students who are continually late to school.

Arriving late interrupts their learning and can also disrupt the learning of others. We have three designated Attendance Officers who can support you with school attendance issues.