Physical Education – Mrs Anita Paice

Physical education is a very important part of the Australian curriculum.  Regular physical activity is not only essential for healthy growth and development; it can actually boost students’ academic achievement. Students can burn off some of their energy, increasing their ability to settle in and focus on their academic work. . The Physical Education program at Bungaree Primary School provides students with the information and skills they need to develop a lifelong commitment to an active, healthy lifestyle.

At Bungaree Primary School we run a comprehensive Physical Education program. Students are exposed to a variety of activities and sports during their physical education lessons. All classes participate in one physical education lesson and five morning fitness sessions per week. The emphasis in the junior classes is on fundamental movement skills which are very important in the physical development of a child. When a child is confident and competent with these skills, they can develop sport-specific and complex movement skills that allow them to enjoy sport and physical activity. The senior students have an additional senior sport session each week which focuses on team sports for example soccer. The senior sport sessions allow the students to engage in a game situation with students across the school, gain an understanding of the basic rules of the sport and develop their team work skills. The main focus of the physical education program is participation and all students are encouraged to join in.

Bungaree Primary School is a member of the Rockingham Area School Sport Association (RASSA) and consists of twelve local schools which are divided into two divisions; Black and Red according to school population. The Association organises inter-school sport competitions each term. This allows our students the opportunity to compete against other schools in a variety of sports. In addition to this there is the all schools cross country event which takes place at Larkhill. The year concludes with an Athletics Carnival which encompasses all year groups and makes for a great way to end the school sporting year.