Science Program

At Bungaree Primary School we offer an innovative Specialist Science Program led by Jodie Schicker, an experienced and passionate teacher, recognized in 2016 as the WA Primary Teacher of the Year. Students are guided in the scientific investigation process with a hands-on and engaging program designed to encourage curiosity about their world. All students from Year 1-6 are exposed to a wide range of science experiences in a purpose built, well-resourced science room for a sustained period each week.

Students at Bungaree enjoy the benefits of a strong partnership with Scitech and other local organisations. This provides unique learning opportunities in all areas of Science including environment and sustainability.

In addition, the Digital Technologies learning area is also closely aligned to the Science program to ensure students are consolidating their understandings across all areas of the curriculum.

Bungaree Primary School is an integral part of the Peron North Science Network; with Jodie Schicker leading a group of committed primary school teachers from across the Rockingham area. This group works together to plan for strong science outcomes and achievement across the network and meet each term.