Science Program – Mr Joseph Visser

I commenced my role as a Science Specialist Teacher at Bungaree Primary School in 2019 and thoroughly enjoy it. Each year students explore the four strands of Science held within the Western Australian Curriculum; Biological Sciences, Earth and Space Sciences, Physical Sciences and Chemical Sciences. On a weekly basis students develop and build on knowledge which they have previously acquired during science lessons, which is then used in a practical sense to answer questions about theories, concepts and ideas that occur in today’s society. What I really enjoy about teaching Science is that, often, there is not just one right answer; Students bring a wide range of background knowledge to lessons and have opportunities to carry out tasks in more than one way to answer a question or find a solution to a problem. 

The Science program holds a strong connection with the wider community. I am heavily involved in working with different committees at a school and regional level to enhance the learning programs delivered throughout the year. In addition, students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of incursions and excursions to enhance their appreciation of how science is used throughout the wider community.