STAFF & CLASS STRUCTURE               2019

Principal:                               Mrs Sharon Albers-Smith                       Manager Corporate Services:          Ms Joyce Bootsma

Associate Principal:          Miss Jann Westbrook                              Library Officer:                                      Mr Gary Griffiths (M, W, F)

Associate Principal:          Ms Sonia Linkston                                   School Officer:                                         Mrs Sharon Coomey



AIEO:                                 Mrs Maureen Foster (M, T, F)

Chaplain:                         Mrs Kim Baggaley (M,t)

Music:                                Miss Corinne Brokken (M-W)

Physical Education:  Mrs Penny Hollingsworth (M, T, W)

Health:                             Mrs Penny Hollingsworth (M, T, W)

Science:                            Mrs Jodie Schicker (M, T, W, Th, F)

School Psychologist: Ms Miriam Pynt (M)


Room Year and Teachers Room Year and Teachers
21 K Mrs Janine King (W-F)

Mrs Deb Taylor  (M-W)

Sharing Wednesday

9 Yr 3  

Miss Emily Jansen





Yr 1



Mrs Katherine Haw


Ms Kerry Lane

 11 Year 3/4 Mrs Libby Wilson (M-Th)

Mrs Michelle Johnstone (F)

1 Yr 3 Mrs Lynette Parker


12 Yr 4 Mrs Wotherspoon
2 Yr 1/2 Miss Kerry Pears  15  Yr 5 Miss Rebecca Erren
3 Yr 1/2  Mrs Sandra Naicker 16 Yr 6 Ms Linkston (M-W)

Miss Emily Grainger (W-F)

Share Wednesday


4 Year 1  Miss Sophie Klem  


5 Yr 1/2  Mrs Colleen Spatcher
7 Yr 2/3 Mrs Sharyn McGrath  






Education Assistants      

Mrs Jenny Hooper (T-Th)              Ms Nicole Dunlop (M-F)

Ms Cindy Logan (M-F)                     Mrs Pamela Lloyd (M, Th, F)

Mrs Leanne Bartlett (T-Th)              Mrs Kerry Anderson (M-F)


PLDS DOTT                                      Mrs Josie McPherson and Miss Nina Murray                               

PLDS Education Assistants         Mrs Tammy Woods  Mrs Jo Sedunary  Mrs Rebecca Cotham  Ms Jane Tocco


Head Cleaner                                     Mr Charles Salah


Cleaners                                              Mrs Di Phillips           Ms Tanya Donovan          Ms Rhonda Conway


Gardener                                              Mr George Paula (M,W,F)